Blondie bar with dates and walnuts

These are called food of the gods in the Philippines.  But I called them blondie bars since it has no chocolate.  Can you believe it? What?  a bar without chocolate?  Actually, dates are rather tasty by itself and you hardly missed the chocolate.  But combine them with walnuts, they are divine.  The soft chewy texture of dates really gives dessert a boost.  I suppose to could substitute the dates for cranberries or golden raisins.  Also, you can even make them a true blondie by using white chocolate as well.  Perhaps, for a holiday or festive theme, add dried cranberries or sour cherries for a splash of color.  Now, soft chewy dates are like a red cherry on top of a good dessert.

This recipe will be in Chef Joey Pratts upcoming  Signature desserts cookbook.


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