Buttermilk cake with raspberry swiss meringue buttercream and chocolate ganache

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Let’s celebrate my nephew Lucas 1st birthday.  May he come to enjoy the sweetest things in life has to offer.  Auntie will help him acquire good taste once he tried this cake I made him.  This is my first time making swiss meringue buttercream.  It will definitely be my go to frosting besides cream cheese frosting.  It is not too sweet like the ordinary buttercream that uses powdered sugar.  I can see the endless possibilities with this such as chocolate, mocha, oreos, etc.

But, I did have a hard time at first.  My second batch curdles like cottage cheese and I became frustrated.  But I remembered reading that this would happen, so I kept at it.  I cranked up the kitchen aid mixer and behold:  It came together in a fluffy frosting.  Whew!  I could feel the sweat from my forehead.  I may have got carried away with the chocolate ganache but me like chocolate.  Surprise someone with this cake on their birthday.  Afterall, a homemade cake with raspberries is like the cherry on top of any great dessert.



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