fruit tart

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I tried to be a bit fancy by making a fruit tart.  I thought I would give pie or tart making a try.  I must admit that making pie crust is not my forte.  Somehow, the simplest thing is the hardest for me.  The crust is made of ground almonds and it was sort of like a cookie crust.  The crust was crumbly as I tried to roll it with my rolling pin.  So, I gave up and press it directly into my tart pan.   Admittedly, I need to work on the crust so that it does not break so easily.  However, the pastry cream was divine.  It was not overly sweet but it was not firm enough.  I must say that tart is not a dessert that is easily sliced and serve.  Although it makes a beautiful dessert, it is a pain to slice. So, I thought of putting the broken crust and the cream into a individual parfait.  Am I not a genius?  I must say that small desserts are great way to cover up mishaps.  Other examples is using the brownie edges or any broken cookies as desserts jars as well.