cookie bouquet


Deliver these edible treats to me any day!  I would take these tulips over fresh least I can share them..with a few buds missing or bitten off here and there.

These are made in several processes.  First of all, the cookies were bakes and cooled overnight.  Then the decorating  and messy parts began the following day.  If you wanted to add another color, then they need to be dried completely before applying a second color.  I am so glad that these cookie lollipops stayed on the sticks!  But the spiral ones are kind of heavy so I may use a smaller cutter next time.  I used a glaze for this since I did not like the taste of royal icing much.  However, I may only use royal icing sparingly next time for the details.   Now, how else are you gonna get tulips that smelled and tasted good enough to eat!  Almond sugar cookie with edible pearls is like a red cherry on top of a good dessert.

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