Fairy jam thumbprints cookies

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What do you get with a 7 year old girl and a bake sale?  Colorful cookies with sprinkles! (and more sprinkles).   Anyone who is a girly girl knows that it is all about the sparkles and bling.  My daughter chose this cookie and I agreed to help her since the ingredients are simple enough. (Actually, I had a few jars of jams I needed to use up). This  was the first recipe we made from her Fairies cookbook that she just had to have from Amazon.  My kitchen ended up a mess with left over dough and jams everywhere.  But, I think of it as mess you can eat.  i suggest baking these halfway thru and then adding the jelly since my first batch melted in the centers. Next time you need something for a bake sale, make these buttery and sparkly cookies.  After all, sprinkles are just like red cherry on top of a great dessert.


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