French almond macarons



Almond macarons: These little babies droved me nuts!  My first attempt failed miserably.  I adored the dainty frill (or foot) around the edge of the cookie and the colorful display is perfect for joyful celebrations.  The time and effort put forth in baking them makes them truly special for gift-giving. Pictures will follow.  But I bought a book and watch several tutorials… frustration, ranting, and finally.. a chorus of ALLEUIA.  Every bakers hopes and dreams was to see the little “foot” forming on the bottom of these babies.  I cannot recall if I ever looked for feet on my actual children much less these little pastries.  The formation of the feet is dependent on so many factors: egg white whipped to peak, sufficient drying time of the piped meringue,  rapping of the baking sheet,  humidity, proper oven temperature, and so on. Perhaps it was divine intervention…going to sunday mass last week.  Hey, macaron are a mystery in itself.

Here are some pictures of my successful and failed attempts:

Here is the chocolate ganache filling:


Notes & Tips:

  • Your egg whites need to be room temperature, and some say aged. Mine were aged 3 days inside the eggshell.
  • I did not make my own almond flour. I used the almond meal at the bulk section of central market.
  • Follow the recipe very carefully and exercise each step very deliberately.
  • At first, use short strokes to fold in the almond flour mixture to the egg whites. Your batter will be very thick. (thicker than I expected!) Use bigger folds once incorporated.  Your mixture will begin to loosen.
  • Once mixed and in a pastry bag, your batter should just start to slowly come out of the tip. If it doesn’t, squeeze it back into your bowl and fold a few more times.  If it runs then I’m sorry to say… back to square 1.  (This valuable tip courtesy of Giver’s Log

I used the recipe from the book called: I love macaron but many bloggers have claimed martha stewart recipe to be pretty good.

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