German chocolate and tiriamisu cupcakes

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We made several cupcakes at central market cooking class: german chocolate, tiramisu and almond joy (not shown).  I was simply on a sugar high that afternoon.  But, I must admit that I have a new found love for german chocolate.  The frosting was so delicious on its own that I literally could eat it by the spoonful.  I may make extra frosting to use it as topping for my pancakes or waffles.  What not to lover about walnuts, coconut, butter and condensed milk.

The mascapone filling for the tiriamisu cupcake was melt in your melt delicious.  But, the white cupcake batter could have been better.  I think it needed some sort of kahula or alcohol syrup brush on it be a true tiriamisu.  The coffee buttercream was way too sweet for my taste.

I added my own touch, by topping the tiramisu cupcakes with a chocolate covered coffee bean.  Now that is like a red cherry on top of a great dessert!


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