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This is my first post and just wanted to thank everyone for reading this food journal.  I wanted to document the recipes that I have tried..some are successful and many are not.  I apologize ahead of time that it may be filled with desserts but I do have a sweet tooth or ( maybe several) but I will try to toss in a few savory dishes. 

I often come across recipes that I keep wanting to try but just stash them away.  I am hoping that this food journal will motivate me while sharing my trials and errors with you guys.  I hope that this journal will inspire some you to experiment on your own.  Feel free to email me any recipes that you would like me to try or  favorite places that I should check it out.  I will travel for food.  I made a batch of blueberry muffins earlier today and will be posting them soon!  But my coworkers will get to try them tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to my food Journal

  1. Are we allowed to request for recipes on some desserts? There is one thing I would love to make but not too sure on how to make it or where to get the ingredients.

      • My friend and I really want to make macarons but many of the recipes are hard to follow… or at least to me they are haha. And we don’t know where to find a lot of the ingredients such as almond powder and casting sugar since it’s not common here like it is in Europe.

        • I was planning to try macarons soon. A girl used a recipe from martha stewart. But I will look at some books for a not too sweet version. I think you can get almonds and grind them up in the food process or coffee grinder. Caster sugar which is finer or smaller can be made the same way..grinding it in food processor or found at central market or whole foods.

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