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Let the games begin!  Happy Birthday to my best friend:  ” May the odds be ever in your favor”

It took me awhile making these goody treats but was all worth it.  I would rather sacrifice my time than my children in a government sponsored battle of the Hunger Games. I wanted to do a basket with the District 12 log to to hold various treats as if being parachuted into the arena by the sponsors.  Among the goodies I created were handmade decorated sugar cookies with the mockingjay logo and monogrammed initial, mini blueberry muffins, chocolate cake pops,  and chocolate chip cookies.  Also had various candy and packaged the treats with various theme tags with words such as “girl on fire”, “nightlock berries and muffins: poison”, girl on “mellark bakery” that  I ordered from etsy.


I enjoyed decorating the cookies with dots and birthday girl initial.  They are quite simple and cute.  Now, the cake pops gave me a hard time.  The first time I made them awhile back, it was. Lately, however, they kept falling off the stick.  I even waited for the candy melts to cool down, but it was a hit and miss.  Most of them cracked after drying.  But, I had a few that were presentable.  I think I will give up on them since I have lost my touch.  But, doesn’t these flower pops make you happy. Perfect for any birthday girl or  for mothers day.  Best of all, you can eat them!  These cake pops were homemade devils chocolate cake.  Now, who wouldn’t battle it out for these yummy treats!


I tried to tie in the nightlock berry theme from the book with mini blueberry muffins.  After all, it was the crucial turning point of the first book.

I had better success with the sugar cookies than in the past.  Usually my dough was too sticky and not keep its shape.  After watching several online tutorials, I found a recipe that made flat cookies as my base for decorations.  Since I am not good at drawing the mockingjay onto the cookie itself, I did a royal icing transfer.  Basically drew out the design on parchment paper, piped it out, wait for it to dry, then put it onto the cookie.  A few did break since it was not flat but kind of 3D in a way.



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