New Orleans French Quarter Festival

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So, I thought that New Orleans would make an ideal girl trip.  It meets my foodie criteria:  beignets, gumbo, oyster, bread pudding, crawfish pies!  Best of all, it happened to be the weekend of French Quarter festival.  Since we only had a day, the festival brought all the great restaurants of NOLA in one place. We literally ate our way the entire day.  In fact, we began and ended our day with beignets.

Here is what us four girls ate in just one day:

Beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde

Gumbo and bread pudding at The Gumbo Shop

We walked a few blocks to Acme Oysters for some chargrilled oysters and fried oyster and shrimp po-boys



Now, that was only appetizers, since they were just setting up for the festival.  But once the food vendors were set up, I headed straight to what I was waiting for: crawfish pie and duck po-boys.  We had both crawfish pies from Lasyones meat and company as well as Mrs. Wheat pies.  Both were good but the Lasyone was more crunchy and flavorful.  At Jacque Imo’s, we had the duck po-boy as well as the alligator cheesecake.

We also had the goat crepe at Muriels.  The other girls loved it but goat is not my thing.


As if Acme oyster house did not satiate satisfied our curiosity for chargrilled oysters, we took the trolley to Hilton for Dragos.  The original location is actually in Metaire.  But, this location was convenient being that it is accessible via trolley and next to Harrah’s casino.  I personally liked chargrilled oysters at Dragos than Acme.  Although both are good,  Draogos oysters were bigger and not too charred so the oyster taste and texture was more appreciated.  We also had the crabmeat stuffed lobster as well as their house gumbo.  The gumbo was salty and not authentic tasting as the Gumbo Shop.



Now, what food trip with a few girls withous some booze to go with these delicious dishes?  We went to Bourbon street and had a few hurricans and other fruity drinks.  But, we did ended the evening with another round of beignets and coffee.

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