Hi! My name is Tina and I am a sweetaholic.  I have no plans on getting help right at this moment.  This is my food journal where I can ramble on and on about food or anything covered in chocolate or wrapped in puff pastry.  My heart goes pitter patter  whenever I think about chocolate ganache.  I have been known to travel across town for an ultimate dessert.   I am horrible at giving directions since I used bakeries as my reference points.  So, please do tell me where your favorite eateries are and I will try to visit them.

In my spare time, I often visit local bakeries that cook or bake from scratch.  I am a huge supporter of small mom and pops businesses that still cook the old fashion way.  A bakery that shapes their bread by hand and  uses fresh ingredients should be applauded and appreciated.  I love my food with butter and all the flavors that comes with it.  If I am gonna have my dessert, I want it the way it should be.  You will not find cooking light versions here.  But, I will toss in nuts or berries if that will make you feel better.  I am also getting better at using dark chocolate whenever possible.

Those who know me, knows that I am a simple gal.  So, my food will be an extension of myself: no fuss.  I want my food to taste good but not too fancied up.  I want my frosting to be swirly like old fashioned diners.  I am not a huge fan of gigantic cakes all made up.. it is what’s underneath all that cake up that really counts.

My personal goal is to grow and learn by experimenting with food and recipes made from scratch.   I find baking therapeutic.  It is yoga in the kitchen.  I get my exercise from mixing and kneading.  Having a degree in the sciences,  I will often analyze the use of ingredients and share them in my journal.  I will ask myself why both baking soda and baking powder? butter or shortening?    I hope that a year from now, I will develop my knowledge and skills in the kitchen.  At least become an accomplished dishwasher.   Most of all, I want my readers to look at the pictures and be inspired to get in the kitchen and make their own mess.  I hope that this journal will make you laugh and drool at the same time.  Let’s do this together, shall we?

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  1. hi aunty its me katelyn . i love your website.i cant wait to try to beg my mom to make some of these treats!

  2. hey…Tina….i am at the office & reviewing your site..it is very nice..we are attaching a navigation link on our main site wfgsaver.com to redcherryontop.com for our visitors ..

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