Green bundt cake

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I am going GREEN!  Better yet, eating greener (i.e. dessert ) Actually, this is a pandan flavored sponge cake baked in a bundt pan.   This is one of my favorite snack cake to enjoy with a cup of green tea. It  is simple and not overly sweet.  With this particular cake, a glaze is not needed .  But, you have the green light to do so if you wish.

Just as any other sponge cake, you have to whip the heck out of the egg yolks on high speed to give it an airy texture.   I discovered that since this cake contains some coconut milk,  it was not as airy but slightly dense.  With the addition of pandan flavoring,  I got green fingers!

If you are ever blue, go green!  Try this cake.  Green cake is a red cherry on top of any great dessert.


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