Cookie 1: White chocolate chip with macadamias and dried cherries


The holidays are just around the corner and I usually baked some cookies to give away as gifts to my family and friends.  I will be making 6 cookies this year and mailing them to my family or giving them to my friends near and far.

I usually am not a fan of white chocolate since it does not contain any cacao but mainly cocoa butter.  But somehow, the combination of the white chocolate with the salty macadamias was quite satisfying.  Also, the dried cherries offset the sweetness of the white chocolate.

Plus, these are really soft so it it may not packaged very well so you may not consider this one if mailing your baked goods.  I have made 6 different cookies and a brownies for my holiday gifts.    The holiday is a fun time in the kitchen for me and my littles elves.  So stay tune to see what we have been whipping up in our holiday bakeshop this year!

Make these cookies and leave it for Santa along with a glass of milk (I usually eat them on his behalf).  These cookies with dried cherries are the red cherry on top of a great dessert

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